Ever since I gave myself a haircut at only three years old, I must have known that styling hair would be my passion!

Art has always been an influence in my life and I personally consider what I do a beautiful type of art. In 2006, I graduated from Marinello Beauty School and soon after joined the Eli Alexander Salon team. Being part of such a wonderful and talented salon family has not only been a blessing, but has brought out the best in me. I look forward to constantly learn new techniques and take in as much hair knowledge as possible. I do so because, there is not better feeling then making your clients look and feel more beautiful then they already are!

When I'm not at work I will most likely be reading a book, working out, traveling or simply spending quality time with family and friends.



Tuesday to Saturday



Shampoo, Blow-Dry . 25

Shampoo, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 55

Shampoo, Color & Blow-Dry . 105

Shampoo, Color, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 95

Shampoo, Weave & Blow-Dry . 85

Shampoo, Weave, Color & Blow-Dry . 100

Shampoo, Weave, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 105

Shampoo, Weave, Color, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 130

Balayage starting at. 130


Shampoo, Haircut . 35

Shampoo, Color . 40

Shampoo, Color & Haircut . 60


Shampoo & Haircut . 35


Up-Do . 60+

Curls . 35

Consult for Weddings