It was kismet!! I was 19 when I was working at a local store and had the urge to be a cosmetologist. I was approached with an offer to assist Éli Alexander! From then on, I never looked back! I was given a gift an am fortunate to still be a part of this amazing salon! I enjoy the instant gratification I can provide along with a smile on your face as you walk out the door! When I'm not doing what I love at the salon, you will find me with the 3 men of my life, my husband and our 2 beautiful sons... a glass of wine in hand enjoying the view!



Wednesday . Friday . Saturday


Men's Cut . 35

Women's Cut . 65

Kid's Cut under 12 . 35

Women's Haircut & Color . 105

Woman's Haircut, Weave, & Color . 165

Women's Color . 85

Woman's Haircut & Weave . 105

Blowouts . 40