I have been very fortunate in being able to call Éli Alexander Salon my home for many years now!  My mother is a hairstylist, so I grew up spending a lot of my time in a Salon learning. It was at a very young age that I realized my passion for hair!

I offer everything from cuts & colors, blowouts, updo's and hair-smoothing treatments. I love creating a beautiful updo for a bride on her big day, giving a teenage girl a fun & edgy style for a school dance or just doing a blowout & style for a special night out! I also specialize in "Global Keratin" hair smoothing treatment. It's great for those with wavy/curly, frizzy textured hair. It'll take away that frizz, cut down your drying time & ultimately make unruly hair more manageable for you! I love learning new techniques & styles, and look forward to continuing my knowledge as a hairstylist! Hope to meet you soon!



Monday to Saturday



Shampoo, Blow-Dry . 25

Shampoo, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 45

Shampoo, Color & Blow-Dry . 60

Shampoo, Color, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 80

Shampoo, Weave & Blow-Dry . 85

Shampoo, Weave, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 105

Shampoo, Weave, Color & Blow-Dry . 100

Shampoo, Weave, Color, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 120

Shampoo, Ombre/Balyage & Blow-dry. 100+

Shampoo, Ombre/Balyage, Haircut & Blow-dry. 120+



Shampoo, Haircut . 25

Shampoo, Color . 40

Shampoo, Color & Haircut . 55


Shampoo & Haircut . 25


Up-Do . 50+

Simple Braid with Blow-Dry. 25

Simple Braid with Curls . 35

Full Braid. 50+

Treatment. 15+

L'Oreal/Kerastase Treatment. 20+

Olaplex Treatment. 30+

Keratine Brazillian Straightning 150+

Color correction. 120+