I was born and raised in Southern Orange County where I then attended The University of Alabama. Shortly before getting my degree I chose to change my career path and dive into hair. I was in preschool when I gave myself my first pixie cut! I new I would find a way to get behind a chair at some point in my life. I never knew I would have such love and passion in my career.  I worked long hard days in a salon in Beverly Hills before I was introduced to Eli Alexander, where I now call home. I have spent many days off extending my education to be the best stylist I can be. I love changing the way my clients feel about themselves and I wouldn’t change it for anything!




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday



Shampoo, Blow-Dry . 25

Shampoo, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 45

Shampoo, Color & Blow-Dry . 60

Shampoo, Color, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 80

Shampoo, Weave & Blow-Dry . 85

Shampoo, Weave, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 105

Shampoo, Weave, Color & Blow-Dry . 100

Shampoo, Weave, Color, Haircut & Blow-Dry . 120

Shampoo, Ombre/Balyage & Blow-dry. 100+

Shampoo, Ombre/Balyage, Haircut & Blow-dry. 120+



Shampoo, Haircut . 25

Shampoo, Color . 40

Shampoo, Color & Haircut . 55


Shampoo & Haircut . 25


Up-Do . 50+

Simple Braid with Blow-Dry. 25

Simple Braid with Curls . 35

Full Braid. 50+

Treatment. 15+

L'Oreal/Kerastase Treatment. 20+

Olaplex Treatment. 30+

Keratine Brazillian Straightning 150+

Color correction. 120+ 

Root Color Touch Up and Shampoo only (for existing clients that need to come in every 3 weeks or less). 40