Creativity, Connection, Beauty and Artistry are a few of the things that led me to explore becoming a hairstylist…. When i found Éli Alexander Salon in 2001, I knew I had found the perfect foundation for an innovative career. Growing up in a richly creative and culturally diverse community such as Laguna Beach, I have always been drawn to, and inspired by, people, architecture and natural color palettes. As a hair stylist I strive to create an environment in which my clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas. It is my goal to help every client find a style that is a true to them! I enjoy every aspect of my job, adore all of my clients and continue to expand my craft year after year.  When I'm not at the salon making my clients even more beautiful, my husband and I love adventures together. Big or small…travel is a passion we share, though I also enjoy reading, yoga, The Bar Method, our families, the beach, horseback riding and our Boston terrier, Harley!



Tuesday to Saturday